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Information for the New AXESS Low Profile Nasal Hood from Accutron

Clearview Hoods & Tubing Circuit

Accutron’s Award Winning Clearview Double Hood Nasal MaskClearview Group.

product-awards-ribbon-2015The Dental Advisor, one of the leading US dental product magazines and peer evaluation bodies, awarded Accutron’s Clearview Nasal Hoods 2015 Product Winner “Assistants Choice” Award.

The double hood system is currently the state-of-the-art and best nasal hood system available. The inner hood continues picks up where the Accutron PIP+™ system left off and is available in various colours and scents. Thanks to its transparent outer hood, the doctor can monitor the patient’s breathing – the “Clearview” effect, which has revolutionised the safe administration of conscious sedation.

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The double hood design combined with adjustable vacuum scavenging control of the tubing circuit, minimises the gas mixture from unintentionally escaping from the administration and exhaust lines and contaminating the air in the treatment room.

Another crucial advantage: Thanks to its optimum fit, the doctor is not restricted by the hood at the front of the mouth.

Available in the following Scented, Single use types in Sets of 12

hood flavours


Aesthetic Design and Complete Freedom

Clearview tubing setUnlike other double hood systems, the design of both hoods in the Clearview system along with the white and smooth appearance of the Accutron patient hose system makes an appealing and reassuring scavenging set – for dentists and patients alike.

Improved compliance to hygiene requirements is also possible. The material in the Accutron patient hose system is easy and convenient to clean, has a perfect fit, and rests comfortably on the patient’s facial profile. All components are Latex free.

Every Accutron Scavenging Circuit includes a Vacuum Control for correct setting of the suction for scavenging.

Compatible with other Brands of Scavenging Circuits

Accutron Clearview hoods also fit directly to Porter™ scavenging circuits, and can easily to adapted to Matrx™ tubing sets using an easy to fit adapter supplied free of charge*.

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Porter™ Tubing Set with Clearview Upgrade           Matrx™ Tubing Set with Clearview Upgrade

For full details for the Clearview Hood upgrade for Porter™ & Matrx™ systems, click here

So now you can obtain the Clearview advantage with your existing Conscious Sedation System!